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Asia Trip 1/7/07- 21/7/07 Mel & Angie

Bangkok thailand experience


As soon as we got through immigration we were reminded very quickly that we were in a third world country- we were greeted by security officers with machine guns. there was a big sea of black heads and i stuch out like a sore thumb with bright red hair!
we finaly arrived at our hotel- asia hotel it is on the monorail line which is very handy considering that taxiand tuktuk prices tripple and are stuck in traffic jams taking 3times as long to get anywhere. we were too eager to start shopping instead of sleeping since we did not sleep on the plane (mental note 2 self- use sleeping tablets and earplugs next time i travel) so we both dumped our luggage off and hit MBK. as we were walking to the shopping centre we passed a massage spa we could'nt resist a 1hr massage for only $6. then afterwards we hit MBK it is a huge shopping centre that is only 10mins walk, with 8levels of glorious shopping! as soon as we got in the main doors we just had to stop and refuel after the 8hr flight at the ice cream parlor. yum only $3 for a huge sunday icecream with all the trimmings- it was enough for lunch:)
it only took us 4hrs to get through 3 levels of shopping- by then our arms were about to drop off from carrying all the shopping bags! we decided to go back to the hotel at 5.30pm it was pouring down with rain so we decided to go on the monorail. what a mistake you get squashed in like sardines and we were the only dumb tourists on the train and seeing the next stop i felt releaved thinking that some people will get off and give you some room- not likely 4people got off and 26got on! you learn fast not to travel between 5.30 and 9pm.

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